Tibia: rule changes

Before I start my rant, that will soon be illegal… something to make the atmosphere less tense.

Channel Help saved at Tue Nov 30 20:50:05 2010
20:30 Welcome to the help channel.
In this channel you can ask questions about Tibia. Experienced players will gladly help you to the best of their knowledge.
For detailed information about quests and other game content please take a look at our supported fansites at http://www.tibia.com/community/?subtopic=fansites
Please remember to write in English here so everybody can understand you.
20:42 Player [23]: BOTTERS IN EDRON ORC CAVE HIS NAME IS (name removed)
20:42 Blamina [93]: you can report botters with rightclicking on their character
20:43 Blamina [93]: (rightclick+ctrl if you use tibia classic control)
20:43 Blamina [93]: chose “report offence” out of the menu
20:44 Player [23]: RIGHTCLICK
20:45 Blamina [93]: not by yelling rightclick in help channel but by using the right button of your mouse
20:47 Player [23]: It does not go out at all
20:47 Player [23]: :S
20:47 Player [23]: I do not deal
20:48 Player [23]: Do I write rightclick and then the key of ctrl?

This player would actually never get any problems, because Mirade wrote “concerning Rule 4b) Slandering or Agitating against CipSoft:
This rule is not meant to keep players from stating their opinion. As the rule says, it mainly refers to: “Publishing clearly wrong information about or calling a boycott against CipSoft or its services.” It does not refer to constructive criticism or the usual ranting posts like “this game sux”, for example.”

That means: kids that can neither write English nor have elaborated opinions won’t get any problems with the new rules.

Reading hurts.

The full version of the new rules can be read here and here.

Many players see problems in the new rules concerning the statement rules. In future it will be allowed to use any language ingame. I could be wrong here but I don’t see a problem with that. On German servers the new main language will become Polish though and on servers in the United States the main language will be Portuguese. The NPCs will still speak English. This could become … interesting.

The next bones of contention are the new rules concerning cheating. It will be allowed to use multiclienting and to jam a key of your keyboard and go away. This annoys many players, that never cheated. I wonder if teleporting will be allowed now. I hoped they would allow it but if they watch upon it as a bug, it would still be illegal. The main problem I have with the new rules is, that they are completely wishy-washy and can be interpretated however CipSoft likes it. There we come (again) to the rule 4.b. also known as “Stasirule” (“Stasi” was the secret police of the GDR).

4. CipSoft
b) Slandering or Agitating against CipSoft
Publishing clearly wrong information about or calling a boycott against CipSoft or its services.

Oops, I just did something illegal, I called it “Stasirule”. If I would do this after the update I’d get a ban.

Okay, maybe to all men too...

The background for this rule were the strikes, riots, and civil commotions on pvp- and hardcore-pvp servers (pvp= player versus player). Why I use those words? Obviously someone took it very serious, if the game company made a new rule that puts an end to freedom of speech. Players were not happy about the changes in the combat system and asked for a boycott, sometimes enforcing the boycott by killing the characters that logged on as strike-breakers. Somehow I have the feeling that the combat system might really gone worse over time, I don’t think players would waste their time in a strike for no reason. With Tibians you’ll never know though. CipSoft has a lot of problems with DDOS-attacks and that’s another reason for the rule changes.

5. Legal Issues
c) Attacking CipSoft Service
Attacking, disrupting or damaging the operation of any CipSoft server, the game or any other part of CipSoft’s services.

It’s deadly for an MMORPG if the players get kicked 20 times in a rown off the servers. And things like that happen often enough in Tibia. There used to be no rule against it. Which was rather strange.


2 thoughts on “Tibia: rule changes

  1. I seriously don’t like the new rules, allowing any language on game chat is gonna kill the rest of the english community. I’m sure they will soon translate NPCs and client :<

    Oh and I was on the test-server today, it is not what I thought it will be. I'm really disappointed. šŸ˜¦

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