Tibia: the update drama (winter 2010)

Online gamer don’t like changes. This time Cipsoft changes the whole spell system. They bring cooldown in. Games like World of Warcraft already use spell-cooldown, but I doubt WoW really invented it. Anyways… Cipsoft is quite brutal and changes the cooldown of area effect spells like hell’s core, eternal winter, wrath of nature and rage of the skies to 40 seconds. From zero (or rather 2) to 40 in one update, that doesn’t make the mages happy. Especially the sorcerers are worried and many talk about quitting. The other spells get a cooldown too and the game company already stated, that the players should rotate spells now. Unlike in many other games it’s not possible to click on hotkey bars, mages that only have five fingers on one hand and only two hands in all will get problems. Botters won’t get problems, a bot has as many fingers as the cheater likes. So after the bots adapt to the update, they will be back and even get a bigger advantage over normal players than before. And this part of the update really worries me.

The cooldown of some healing spells (I ride on a boar).

I predict some character deaths after update. But I guess we’ll adapt sooner or later. I’ll just chose the two to four attack spells I’ll use the most and won’t try the impossible.

The cooldown of some attack spells (druid) on Tibia testserver in winter 2010.

Except of that, there will be more “world quests” (=less real life 😉 ) and “mounts”. Mounts are cute.

Taming a bear on Tibia testserver winter 2010 and bear riding with a summoned boar.

Edit: Some players already hunted yesterday and survived it. One said he rotates the spells. How he does that? No idea. We use different config files for different vocations or even different characters or for war and peacetime and no, Tibians can’t change the config fils while they are online. I guess we’ll have to make different hunt configs in future, teamhunt config, dragon lord config, wyrm config and so on. This is a bit tiring plus I wonder why we can’t change the config file. We were able to do that ingame in cube and other shooter games many years ago with a hotkey.

Edit the second: I just had some good laughs reading the Tibia forums. One of the new Tibia rules states now: “Also statements that imply that somebody has violated a Tibia Rule, is going to violate a Tibia Rule or supports the violation of a Tibia Rule are illegal.” So Tibians may not say anymore that someone does something illegal.


2 thoughts on “Tibia: the update drama (winter 2010)

  1. Hah, mounts really do look cute 🙂

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