Tibia: it’s paradox

The paradox tower quest of Tibia is an old quest. It takes around three hours because the player has to go to the Plains of Havoc first, then to Edron, then to Kazordoon, get’s teleported to Hellgate, has to walk to Mintwallin and back to Kazordoon. Every time a player gives a wrong answer to the Riddler, he gets teleported to Hellgate, so if someone has bored Typona too much or is a bit stupid, the quest can take up to 7 hours.

I did it at level 30 on my knight Blaismera with Harpyk (level 102 paladin). All went well, Harpyk provided us with coconuts, no giant spider thought I’m tasty. Blaismera was wearing Blamina’s boots of haste but was still crawling.

Watching the grass grow or not grow in the paradox tower. The test of patience. As soon as it starts to grow I (Blaismera) move diagonal on the spot that is marked with a red X. It is a lever under it or such, that makes stairs appear on the spot where Harpyk stands.

The whole tower is a protection zone. Don’t eat while you’re in it. And most important: don’t eat the fruits you have to offer (melon, banana, cherry, apple, grapes, and coconut).

The infamous ghoul: pull the lever and wait until the ghoul pushes the crate in the upper left corner. He moves randomly and it can take some time.

Here you can see, that I did not play for some years. In the meantime talons got an NPC price, 320gp each. So 32x320 = 10240gp. But the difference is not much and talons just do not fit my house decoration anyways. The letters stand for gold, talons, wand and phoenix egg. If you step on a tile with the according letter the chest gets emptied, that means if you step on a T you will not get talons.

This tile thingy is very tricky, if a player steps on more than two letters he will get less or none reward. If he doesn’t understand that he DOESN’T get what he steps on, he get’s the wrong rewards.

The phoenix egg reduces the cost of the blessing “the spark of the phoenix” (Kazordoon) by 10%. And it looks very nice.

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