Tibia: How to let the bunny slip away


Markus was a bit angry with me, because I suddenly fell in some kind of euphoria. He told me this wouldn’t happen in a single player game. Knowing myself I can assure you, it even happens if I don’t play at all. If I follow a train of thought, it’s difficult to stop me and can have unpleasant side effects. This time I felt awfully clever, when I found out how to get the Tibia achievement “bunny slipped” and my dogs and cats had to wait half an hour for their dinner.

This is how I found out: I went to Rottin Wood after I had done the missions. I said “lucky charms” he was chewing my ear off about it and then he asked “are you in for it?” In the meantime I had decided not to kill cute bunnies so I said: “no”. He held me a speech about how to make fake lucky charms. I thought okay, I’ll try that, said “lucky charms” again, and accepted the task. Went to Venore and bought the ingredients Rottin Wood had told me about. I used the ribbons on the ingredients. I got a thingy, it didn’t look like a fake rabbit food yet but on looking at it, the thing described me how to finish it. Luckily I knew a guy that had used the missing ingredient in his house decoration. I told him about it, and he gave me what I needed for free. (Yesyes Harmonians are very nice.) I used the thingy on the missing ingredient and finally had 7 fake lucky charms, went to Rottin Wood, said: “lucky charms” and got the achievement.

Looks just like a lucky charm but has a different description. It doesn't stack with normal lucky charms.

Congratulations to mastermind Blaismera, she's bunny slipped


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