First lambs in 2011

This morning started odd. Shaun black ram, schwarzer schafbock jumped over the fence at the moat and balanced over a narrow wall to the corner, where it’s less high. He jumped down and entered our front garden. Since Bach is scared of Shaun, he was too scared to use the dog flap and go out to pee. So he peed at a bag of cat litter in my sleeping room.

When I went up, I let Shaun out of the front garden, fed him and cleaned the floor of my living room. Thne I went on the pasture and fed the other sheep. I saw a sheep standing in the door of the stable on the other end of the pasture and I penned the dogs in two different stables (Phex doesn’t want to go on the pasture, because the entrance is too muddy, unlike Bach he’s a very clean dog). The ewe came out when I went near, I fed her and gave her fresh water. She has two very cute lambs, a healthy looking girl and a small boy.

ewe, newborn lambs, mutterschaf, neugeborene lämmer, lamm

The weather wasn't too great though. Own photo, licence: public domain


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