Tibia: Blamina got level 100

Blamina was not my first Tibia character but the two first characters don’t exist anymore. Blamina was my first character on Harmonia I made her on October 24 2004 at 11:06:57 CEST. That means I needed over 6 years to get level 100. This slowness gets near to the slowness of roleplayers.

Blamina gets level 100. Morrkh is my boyfriend Markus, who had a hard time to walk to Yakundaf desert.

Markus had deleted Tibia not long ago, because his anti-virus program gave a false alarm. It said, that there was a virus in Tibia.exe. Thus Markus lost all the maps. He asked me where the heck Yakundaf desert is and I answered: “between Thais and Venore”. So he went to Thais, from Kazordoon and then back when I showed him on my computer where the desert is. Our computers stand both in the living room. He has a free account and therefore no levitate spell, so I brought him some parcels (and food). It took me a bit to reach the required experience. I was very nervous.

I had ignored myself, private messages and yelling, so it wouldn’t show on the screenshot. That’s why Gaz Wilkinson yelled at me in guildchannel.


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