Usual lamb confusion

In the meantime we got 12 lambs by six ewes. It is still questionable if all of them will survive. This morning Daffne got two lambs in the “hole” and since one lamb of another ewe was in the hole too, Daffne thought it’s hers. Daffne is a very social and motherly ewe, something similar happened last year and she tried to get three lambs along, which is difficult with two teats. That’s why I have been giving Kleines the bottle. Since two of the lambs that were with her in this year had fresh umbilical cords and one had a dry one. It was easy to see which wasn’t hers. I grabbed that one while I fed Daffne and carried it to the correct mother, that was already crying and wouldn’t stop crying for quite some time even after I brought her the lamb.

Now I smell of lamb poo somehow.

If the lambs got confused again later on, I’ll put Fleckli with her lambs in the stable, so they will stay together during the night.

lambs and ewxe, mutterschaf und lämmer

Lamb number seven and eight, own photo, licence: public domain

ewes and lambs, mutterschafe und lämmer

A meeting of lamb three, four, five and six. They confused their mothers a bit but disentangled later. Own photo, licence: public domain

Lamb number one or two looks impish. Own photo, licence: CC by/ Creative Commons Attribution

ewe and lambs, mutterschaf und lämmer

And the angered mother runs in the front. Own photo, licence: public domain


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