More lambs

We got 17 lambs in the meantime. Yesterday Daffne gave birth to two cute and healthy looking lambs. Today we had an emergency with Hernie, the lamb went out head first and was too big to just let the rest follow. I had to chase the other sheep off the pasture, because Hernie wanted to move away from me. I bribed her with sheep food, grabbed her, threw her down and tried my best to get the lamb out alive. I couldn’t pres the head back in, it was already swollen. So I had to search inside for a leg. Finally found a knee, pulled the leg out and then the rest followed. But it was already too late and now I am tired. I hope Hernie is okay. It can take a bit to find out. The feet can damage the mother inside. But I am carefully optimistic about her.

I made the photos some days ago.

lambs, and ewe, mutterschaf und lämmer

These two lambs sleep most of the time, they are very calm and get lost frequently. Own photo, licence: public domain

schaf, lamm, hund, stall

One lamb sleeps right, one lamb sleeps left. Bach, the Bernese mountain dog watches. In the background you can see the 16th century stable. Own photo, licence: puplic domain

ewe and lambs, mutterschaf und lämmer

Not all of the lambs sleep all the time, some already try to eat dirt, grass and leaves. Own photo, licence: public domain

lamm, lamb

The lambs look very cute when they lie around. Own photo, licence: public domain

On February 14 Stirnlöckchen gave birth to a very big boy. All went well though she is over ten years old. I helped to pull him out.

newborn lamb, ewe, mutterschaf, neugeborenes lamm

Stirnlöckchen's son drinks for the first time in his life, he's still full of vernix caseosa or whatever that is. Own photo, licence: public domain


One thought on “More lambs

  1. […] year she had two lambs and everything was alright. This year she had problems in February. Her big lamb was born with the head first and got stuck. I couldn’t save the lamb and Hernie […]

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