Tibia: Loads of pieces of cake

Tibia introduced masses of World Quests. Every month happens at least one additional World Task, we’re already getting a bit tired of this stuff. Yes, I know usually it’s boring. But being forced to do things like that once or twice per month for the greater good, (cough) the welfare and honor of the server, is a bit too much.

The latest World Quest “A Piece of Cake” was at least funny. And lowlevels could participate, even level 8 characters, which is very good in my opinion. You can bet that some begrudging players already complained, that it was too easy. Some players just seem to hate everyone and everything.

The event started with raids of cake golems, that looked like flying cake and threw cake. The cake made earth damage (poison) and drunk. So the people that lured the cake to the cake extractor machines had to wear dwarven rings (“gold gold gold, beer beer beer”).

The cake throws cake at me while I lure it to the cake extractor in Liberty Bay on Harmonia. Druid Zeligan shows me the way.

Oh and I look so odd on that screenshot because it’s carnival time in Tibia during the whole February. But most people don’t seem to understand German carnival and I heard already complains that it is not “Halloween” (sigh).

This is the cake extractor in Liberty Bay on Magera. Youth Del'Bruto demonstrates how to use it.

When enough cake golems have been recycled (200), people kill the cake golems to get “sugary mass”. This sugary mass can be given to the baker NPCs that stand next to the machines. 200 sugary mass is needed. Machines stand in Liberty Bay, Carlin, Thais, Edron and Darashia. Once per hour the server checks if the amount of 200 “base” ingredients and 200 sugary “mass” is reached and 30 minutes or an eternity later a cake bridge gets build. The new goal is to eat 4 layers of a cake tower. A layer is huge and you need around 100 players to eat it because you have only 30 minutes to do so. You can take 4 bites of cake and you’ll be full and you digest 1 bite in 5 minutes. If the layer isn’t eaten after 30 minutes, it will regenerate.

At the cake bridge on Magera, waiting to get hungry.

I brought this character on main just to eat. Here the cakelayer is quite fresh.

The cake is delicious "Mmmm".

You could hear (or read) the typical internet comments “the cake is a lie” and “om nom nom nom”. I said: “nom means ‘name’ in French”. So everybody told me “nonono you must see this” and gave me links to Youtube videos. I do seriously not even want to know why or how these internet memes originate. May Internettus keep me safe from Youtube spam ( 😉 ).

When all four layers were eaten, we only got a very lame success message: “All four layers of the cake-tower have been eaten.” We compensated that with own sillyness. On Harmonia we made a “train”. On Magera the players got some interesting achievements: 18:13 Sobrevivente do Titanic [90]: 14:06 CONGRATULATIONS! YOU EARNED THE ACHIEVEMENT “GLUTTONOUS”.

A train of mounted players on the empty cake bottom.

The reward for the successful cake orgy is 25% increased regeneration and 5% increased experience for 5 days. Markus said if it was his game, he’d made special fat player sprites, that would replace the normal ones for the time of the reward.

Further read and watch:
You can find screenshots from Refugia in this thread on the Tibianews forum

and a spoiler of the event on Tibiawiki


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