Tibia: Camuu frite

Camuu’s name reminds me of Albert Camus (1913-1960), the French Algerian author, philosopher and journalist. I met Camuu on the closed beta test server for the Tibia flash client. He said later he remembered having seen me on the Tibianews forum. Anyways, I was Frenchly inspired and if I remember right he asked “sup?” which always makes me say things like “No soup for me.” This time I said he may be an ingredient of my soup. I just need a pot. I got myself a pot and put some wine inside and told him to jump in. But he had to go, so he climbed on a roof in Thais and jumped in the soup while logging out.

Camuu on the roof, about to jump in the pot of beer (one of us drank the wine at a point).

The next time I met him (he must have been respawned) I had to get a new pot. I was just trying to solo a demon. Note the “trying to” it’s not as if the demon killed me, but it was an awful waste. So I was happy to leave the hero cave in Edron and go to Venore to buy a pot. This time I filled it with oil to prepare “Camuu frite”, fried Camuu. When I told him about my plans in English Chat, he ran and was hiding. I think some of the Cipsoft employees helped him. Skyrr and Bolfrim Gene were online.

As a side note I just have to mention that Skyrr looks awesome (ingame) and can produce the most wonderful and comfortable soft boots I have ever seen. He is very polite and has a lot of patience.

Players (me and others) pestering Skyrr on closed beta flash client test server spring 2011

And you can think about me what you want, I can’t hinder you anyways, but I really tested those soft boots… and became very jealous on soft boot owners.

Soft boots have a new description, same for rings btw.

In the last minute the rings and soft boots show seconds. Here you can also see Camuu showing off a golden bug.

Back to the topic, Camuu frite.

So Camuu ran and was hiding. I used the “search person” spell, exiva, and checked the map. Ha! He was hiding on Draconia, an island that can only be reached by walking a very long way that starts under the elven city of Ab’dendriel. In Hellgate I got confused. Because in the northeastern part of the big beh.. bonelord cave are small towers and the search spell told me, that Camuu is on a higher level. But no, he wasn’t on those towers. He was taunting me meanwhile in English chat and apparently the Cipsoft employees visited him to entertain him. I had no ingame maps of the way but I finally made it to Draconia. At first I couldn’t see him, but I heard his yelling. He was standing on top of the step pyramid. I figured that you can levitate up there and made my blazebringer jump up the steps.

Climbing the pyramid. Camuu awaits me with fireworks and cookies.

Camuu greeted me with fireworks and fire. He used a great fireball rune. We both didn’t know it was player-versus-player-mode activated already. Nobody had told us. So Camuu got a white skull, showing that he had attacked me and I fainted, because the way had been so long and I was so hungry. I told him to jump in the pot of oil.

The evil playerkiller on his blaze sheep mount, should finally jump in the pot of oil.

What a disappointment! He did not fit. Not in his normal state, and not even after he had changed himself into a Gamemaster doll. I told him he won.

He just don't fit in the pot.

While we’ve been grabbing our things and leaving the place, Bolfrim Gene appeared, though Camuu had told him we don’t want tourists. What if we would have done less harmless things up there? Bolfrim looks ugly, don’t you think? I immediately told him about that and on the last day of the closed beta test he teleported to me, dressed as an undead cavebear. I can only assume it did hurt him to get called ugly. An undead cavebear isn’t really prettier, except the eyes maybe.

I told you, no tourists.

We left Draconia, but it was a bit difficult. It turned out, that you can only get one dragon fetish. And Camuu already had one as decoration in his home. He couldn’t use the teleport. So I finally used the teleport alone, acompanied by “without me you’ll make it” and other usual statements. I just couldn’t wait anymore.

No, this was not on test server, it's on the next day on the normal server. I didn't have the maps in my normal Tibia as well and had never used the dragon fetish before. So it was about time to do it.


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