Danny woot formerly known as CM Ogrey

On his departure CM Ogrey wrote an article on his own homepage about his farewell from Tibia. I hope he doesn’t mind if I translate it. I know my English sucks and he could say it better himself. Yes Ogrey, I am pretty investigative. Good old Trithaitus used to call me “Stasi“.

Tibia, Community Management and me

On April 15 a lot will change for me. That is quite soon. This day will be my last working day at Cipsoft, the last day I will log in as Community Manager CM Ogrey in the forums of Tibia and TibiaME. Then I take my remaining days of vacation, I start my own business – and am gone. Away. After 2 years of dedication to the community suddenly the final stroke. That might sound theatrical for outsiders, but to be honest, it stirs me up. The farewell is not easy for me. The whole thing makes me feel as if I was leaving friends behind. I have grown fond of a lot of players with which I was dealing daily on the forums. Time was flying.

I posted on the Tibia Forum recently, that I have been a sadist in my former life and that it is possible that my former life rubs off a bit on my present identity. That was a well-meant reaction on a quite serious complaint of a player, who said, that I neglected my promises. I think my post was well received. As I understand it the players have understood the irony and forgave me. „Haha, that’s the Oggy we know lol“

The farewell party of CM Ogrey (courtesy of TibiaFriends).

But there is a grain of truth in my ironical answer. Yes, you can call me a sadist, because it was my own explicit wish to announce the news of my farewell on April 1, this annual fateful day. That suits me – to spice up the own leaving with a pinch of humour. Ha!

Maybe you already noticed: the Tibia community is special to me. I love to talk about it. It exists – it’s hard to believe – since 1997, since 14 years by now. That is quite a long life cycle for an online roleplaying game and for a community of fans, who feel obviously closely connected with the game. Still. Amoung Hardcore Tibians (and there are a lot of them) a feeling of “ownership” towards the game is common. For those players Tibia is something they own, they feel as if they have to care for it and protect it. That is actually a benefit which no company can buy. In the long years of Tibia’s existence a lot must have really worked out. Though there was no sales and marketing strategy. Ownership, community – that just happened. Only because of this CipSoft became a successful company with 60 employees and annual sales of 7 Million Euros. Those figures are no secret, you can read them on the website of CipSoft.

I have several reasons to leave Tibia. That I speak here with a dash of sadness about Tibia and not about CipSoft has reasons too. This phrasing reflects on which I have set my heart during all this time and what was the engine for me to become a good Community Manager. Not the company, the community itself.

I already dare to take a retrospective look today: I am extremely thankful for the moments, that I could share with this community. Tibia showed me the real powers of the social web, it showed me what community means and what really is at the bottom of the chitchat about community management, social media, transparency, authenticity, bla bla. The root of the matter aren’t the reward systems, inducements to activity, key data and statistics. Much simpler: it is love. Dang – again such a theatrical word. But it is like it is. Love is, to open the eyes, interest in your counterpart, to give a smile, to make time for somebody else, without making a cost-benefit analysis in advance. Love has incredibly positive effects, also in the Web. But sadly you only know this if you experienced it yourself.

Above all love means, not to think about the community as some kind of byproduct, but to put it in the center of the own enterprising acts. It is the purpose and the goal. It authorises us to continue the firm and to do business. But whom do I tell this? This message has already reached the heads of the deciders, right? Right? Right?

Tibianews has made a farewell video for Ogrey on Youtube and Vimeo. Good job Thuddy!


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