Sheep lying on it’s back… not good

Hernie in 2008, own photo, licence: public domain

Hernie had a hernia in 2008. The vet predicted, that Hernia would die… soon. Hernie didn’t want to die. There’s life in the old sheep yet.

Last year she had two lambs and everything was alright. This year she had problems in February. Her big lamb was born with the head first and got stuck. I couldn’t save the lamb and Hernie had to stay in the stable for some time and nearly died.

Today I found her on the pasture lying on her back, legs in the air. I feared the worst, because sheep die if they lie on their back. They can not turn around, especially if they lie in some kind of hole, it doesn’t have to be deep. They inflate and the pressure gets so much, that they finally suffocate and die. When I was near, I saw that her legs moved a bit. Phew. I turned her around, she stood up and did some staggering steps.

ewe and drinking lamb, schaf und trinkendes lamm

Hernie and her lamb in March 2010, own photo, licence:public domain

Hernie freshly rescued and looking sceptical, own photo, licence:public domain

Barley all over Hernie's face; I gave it as a treat. Own photo, licence:public domain


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