My cat and the dragonfly

There was an algae explosion In the basin (aka pool) in front of the castle. While I was cleaning the basin my cat Miniputz was watching first me and then a dragonfly that was flying loops above the water. Suddenly the cat snatched the abdomen of the dragonfly, the head was sticking out of her mouth. I nearly got a heart attack, because I thought, that dragonflies can sting. While I ran around the basin Miniputz spit the dragonfly on the floor and slapped her paw on it. I nearly got a heart attack again. Then I was next to her and yelled and pushed and the dragonfly was flying away as if nothing had happened. Tough beings. Not very clever though. Miniputz wasn’t angry on me. I wondered why she didn’t get stung and found out that dragonflies can’t sting. I’m very proud of our dragonflies btw.


Drawing of an aeshna cyanea dragonfly from Oswald Hawkins Latter (born 1864) in The Life-Story of Insects (1904), public domain because of it's age.

Some kind of Veneridae in the basin (yes, I throw them back in), own photo, licence: public domain

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