Lamb Theodor had a bath

Theodor, the ram lamb of Kleines, was thirsty and jumped in the watering place on the pasture. Bad idea, he’s lucky he didn’t drown. He managed to get, full of smelly mud up to his neck. When I went on the pasture, he was still wet. He ran to his mother, but she was scared of him and ran away. “Who is this dark stinking monster? Did it eat my son?” I had no other choice, Theodor needed a bath again or a shower, his time with clean water. Bathtub or waterhose were the options. I decided to carry him to the bathroom. He wouldn’t escape the bathtub. So I carried him. I was groaning and moaning and he didn’t like it either. Thanks for keeping comments like “You’re a woMAN” for yourself. You can come here and do my work for me, if you think women shouldn’t carry things.

Theodor after the washing, own photo, licence: public domain

Then I was washing Theodor with cold and very lukewarm water. By then I was wet and full of mud too. Afterwards I let Theodor outside in the tiny front garden, where his mother was eating granulated sheepfood. She was still a bit scared and wanted to go in the house. I had to let another lamb and another ewe in. Envy works great. All of them were suddenly eating peacefully together.

The mother is still a bit scared. Own photo, licence: public domain

Nice try to escape into the house through the dog flap. Own photo, licence: public domain

Food unites and dispels the cloud of anxiety. Own photo, licence: public domain


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