Dulin’s Chronicle

I am Dulin, son of Barin. I am a rotworm tamer. When we found the basilisk, a lot of dwarves died, until we managed to close the part of the mine he lived in. It was the first time we found something hostile in a mine, which we had dug up with the help of rotworms and our own hands. Some of us fell in a depression and my friend Borin got so drunk, that he managed to drown himself in his mug. It was a big mug and his head fell in it with the nose first. For our own safety the technomancers made new rules about the measurements of mugs afterwards. A mug must be smaller than the face of the dwarf. The first mugs after the incident contained meshs made of metal, that were supposed to keep our noses out of the beer. But after a while we removed those meshs, because they affected the flavour.

Illustration of two dwarves for Völuspá, by Lorenz Frølich (1820–1908), Published in Gjellerup, Karl (1895). Den ældre Eddas Gudesange. Licence: public domain.

Kazordoon became too small for us. We lived tight packed like worms in a rat. But we were scared to dig deeper so we had to move out. The technomancers built a ship, that brought us to caverns under a small isle. My rotworms broadened the narrow tunnel that led to the surface and we built comfortable stairs. The surface turned out to be harmless and boring, which we appreciated a lot. We called the island Kurm Baya, which can be translated to Humanish with ‘Boring Clod of Earth’. We found some ores in the southeast of the isle and made a mine there. But we still went to our homes in Kazordoon at night and Kazordoon was still too small for all of us. One of our Geomancers saw land in the northwest. The technomancers calculated how deep we would have to dig and how far, to get to the land in the northwest. My rotworms dug a tunnel.

This time we only put ladders at the ends of the tunnels. I left my rotworms there for breeding and they really liked the place. We went outside on the end of the tunnel. We were on another isle. It took us much longer to explore this one. We called it Ad Ron, ‘Isle of Ron’, because Ron was the name of the Geomancer who saw it first. We built some houses in the underground on the eastern part of this isle. There is a small mountainside in the middle of the isle and it stopped us from exploring. We made a tunnel from the eastern coast under the mountains and reached the surface. Here we met wolves and bears, which we appreciated. They learned to fear us. In the northeast we came to the ruins of mines that must have been dug by giants. The ruins were inhabited by very stupid tall beings with four toes on one foot and three toes on the other foot. They couldn’t be the builders of the halls. We killed some of the beings which we called Zyklops, ‘big meat’. Then they started to negotiate with us. We gave them some ores and they became very friendly. They showed us around in their halls. They had huge forges down there. We started to trade with them ores, mushrooms, leather and fabrics for fine weapons and armour. The Zyklops are peaceful if you don’t invade their territory. They have strange habits. When a young Zyklops is 16 years old they cut off one of his toes and he dries it, puts it in a small leather bag and carries it around as a supernatural item.

A Zyklops statue at the Geological Museum in London, photo by Deror avi, licence: CC by/ Creative Commons Attribution

We went deeper in the halls of the Zyklops and found dragons and other firy beings. We were carrying our asbestos armours and most of us survived those creatures. And then we met giants who must have been the original inhabitants of the halls. They were even taller than tall. Like towers. They had green shining eyes who could see in the dark and two horns on their heads. They killed many of us just by stepping on us. We were panicking and running in every direction. I ran to the north went up on some kind of ledge and came into a room with four of those horned giants and two dragons, out from the frying pan into the fire . Suddenly I smelled gold and gems. There was a treasure in the north, hidden in some chests. So I ran and was dodging the hostile creatures. I opened the chests, grabbed the content and ran out. On the ledge I tested what I found. There was a sturdy red shield with a somewhat evil look. I replaced my dwarven shield with it. I put the amulet I had found around my neck. It was made of a metal I had never seen before. The technomancers would love to examine it. I put a green ring on my finger. It was a magical ring. I started to feel better and could see how my wounds were closing. I couldn’t die now. I just had to get out alive. It was important for the whole dwarvenkind. When I was fully healed the ring disappeared. I jumped down in the hall of the giants and ran zigzagging through the cave to the point where we had entered. I remembered the magic words to jump up and used them. Then I ran past the fire beings and finally reached the friendly Zyklops. I was the only dwarf who got out of the mess on this day. The Zyklops listened to my tale and planned an expedition to the greeneyed giants. I went back to Kazordoon and shared my new knowledge with the technomancers. I kept the shield. The technomancers returned the amulet to me, after they had examined it. It was made of a metal they had never seen before. I had enough of explorations for a while and moved back into my old house in the tunnel gardens. After some months the Zyklops had found a way to negotiate with the greeneyed giants and our explorers found ore in the northern part of the island. There were huge caves and some looked as if they had been dug in the stone from the bottom up. The news scared me, but they made me excited at the same time. It was time to go again.

This short story was written by myself and published in the net by TibiaNews for the first time. Here. This is the first part of Dulin’s chronicle. You can find the second part here: Dulin’s Chronicle 2

Julien Brightside has a roleplaying thread on the world board of Dolera and somehow I’m the only one that posts there except him. I like to tease roleplayers. So I wrote, that he missed a dwarf on the watchtower near Thais and that this dwarf had a book called “Dulin’s chronicle”. I thought the teasing would be perfect, if this chronicle contains the place of a hidden treasure. And that’s why I decided to write it. When I imagined Dulin, the story wrote itself and I couldn’t influence it much anymore, that’s why there is no hidden treasure in the end. The places are Tibian. It tells us how the dwarves colonized other regions. Why there is a mine on Cormaya and why there are so many dwarves in Cyclopolis, the important role of rotworm tamers and how the different kinds of steel were discovered. Some of the dwarvish names are jokes, all names are invented by me. The part with the cyclops toe was inspired by help channel.


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