I don’t hit men

I kept this experience for a fictional story about someone else. But will use it now. Contrary to common beliefs experiences are not necessarily made for forever. Dementia diseases can take them away from us. I noticed, that most people I know, have had wonderful lives – good for them – and can’t even imagine how horrible mine used to be.

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. ~Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See

I write it down though.

When my boyfriend told me a week before Christmas, that he would leave me on the following day, I asked him, if he wasn’t scared, that I would hit him. He answered: “No, you don’t hit men.” That surprised me even more than his leaving. I do hit men. Why wouldn’t I? Men are physically strong. In terms of muscles they are not the weaker sex. I wouldn’t feel like a bully if I’d hit a man. He can hit back. Even if I’d hit a woman I don’t see the problem, I am a woman myself. We’re equal. And no, I am no pacifist. I should be a pacifist.

Subjunctive mood is a verb mood typically used in subordinate clauses to express various states of unreality.-Wikipedia

But he was right, I didn’t hit him. Even if I only throw things at other things, it can get expensive. I remember a tiny fault in the keyboard lid of the piano of another ex-boyfriend of mine. Caused by a deck of cards thrown by me in anger. But that’s another story.

Careful people wrap their pianos with foam pads. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Wikipapineau, licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported/ CC by-SA

To gain a crown

Many years ago I had a relationship with a hardcore punk-bass player. One evening he came home completely drunk. We lived on the top floor of a mansion block. He started to raise a quarrel in front of the door of the flat, on the staircase. He had been a boxer in his youth and he was expert in raising quarrels. He did it frequently. He raised his arm and and struck a blow at me. I dodged the punch and the momentum made him fall against the wooden banister with his face. A front tooth broke. Blood everywhere on the staircase. Would have been funny, that he somehow knocked his own tooth out. But I feared, he would think, that I knocked his tooth out.

He was stunned. I carried him into the flat and dropped him on his bed. Then I cleaned the staircase.

Blood, picture by Wikimedia Commons user Nyki m, licence:Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported/ CC by

On the next morning he couldn’t remember what had happened. At least he accepted my explanation. He got a crown. Those were the times when the normal health insurance paid for artificial teeth. Nowadays they wouldn’t pay and that’s why I don’t hit men. It can become expensive. Don’t feel too safe though, in extreme situations I would make an exception.

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2 thoughts on “I don’t hit men

  1. Marie Z Johnston

    I love this post! You are a brave woman Constanze… really brave.

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