Just to bragg with the lawn

After endless hours of cutting the grass and stinging nettles with the weedeater (motor scythe) the bosses decided to let a son of a friend mow the lawn in the park with a ride on mower.

It took ten hours. While he was mowing I was carrying the tree away, that had fallen on the driveway on Sunday. Then I’ve cut the corners and around the trees with the weedeater. I took some pictures with a mobile phone afterwards, only to bragg with having finally a normal lawn at least on some places. Had no time to get the camera, a beautiful but intense thunderstorm was about to start. And because the photos are bad and colourless, I licence them as public domain. Maybe some lawnfans will appreciate this.

During the mowing the sheep were terrified. Except of Stirnlöckchen, she’s around 15 years old and nothing can scare her anymore. The dogs followed me around, while I was carrying the branches and pieces of the trunk.

Lawn. Own photo, licence: public domain

More lawn and some kind of fake medieval castle stone. Own photo, licence: public domain.

Lawn. (What a surprise.) And a car. I had to wash it twice this month because a horde of pigeons moved into the park. Own photo, licence: public domain

Lawn, the driveway, a statue at a basin and … lawn. Own photo, licence: public domain.

Phex liked the action and he was staying very near to me. He is not the youngest dog and developed a sensitivity towards magnetic fields. I could send him to search for ghosts or such. Nah, I’m not serious. But that’s why he stays with me when a thunderstorm is near. Own photo, licence: public domain


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Just to bragg with the lawn.
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