Heritage Days 2012

On July 14 2012 I met a historian, who was preparing the Heritage Days 2012 (on September 15 and 16) for Morsan. He told me complete bullshit about the last Marquis le Sens de Morsan. He said, the Prussians destroyed the castle and thats why it is all 19th century now and the last Marquis Le Sens de Morsan died because he was so sad about it. That’s complete bullshit. True is, the castle is mainly 18th century. There is only a very small part that was destroyed in the 19th century. The Marquis made a new stairway and new parquet on ground floor, that’s it, and that didn’t ruin him. The last Marquis de Morsan was constantly organizing parties, balls, hunts and he was gambling. He lost his money because he was throwing it down the drain with both hands. He wasn’t even that sad. After all he has had a wonderful life, he sold most of his land and the furniture of the castle in the 1930s when he was already very old. He had no family. So yes, he might have been lonesome in the end, but not because of the evil Prussians. My favourite neighbour’s father bought a wooden trunk very cheap and several people bought the land for a song. The Marquis owned 100 hectars. Now the castle property is 4 hectars.

Anyways, they don’t open the church de la Trinité in Morsan very often. Good idea to visit it on Heritage Day.


5 thoughts on “Heritage Days 2012

  1. So which marquis was the friend of Louis XV?? It’s interesting the yellow room is Neo Classical yet the rest of the house is Baroque.
    I wish it was my chateau! I’d create a whole new history for it 🙂

    • That’s because the fire was in a corner of the yellow room. Hum, I guess you mean François Le Sens (1664-1736) . You can find informations about them in the Nobiliaire de Normandie. http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k83364d/f137.image Inventing her own story is exactly what Madame did. I consider that very American. The real history doesn’t seem to be enough. That’s a bit irritating for me.

      • Now that makes sense! So the yellow room was remodeled about 1780s?? I thought there was fire in the back, where the staircase is? During the Revolution? Thanks for the link. The real history is incredible. I’d like to know if Louis XV ever stayed there. Now that would be enough for the government to possibly buy it!

      • The yellow room was remodeled in the 19th century but it is possible, that the boiseries were not made for the room. They are some centimetres too small. Theres a little gap between the boiseries and the ceiling. The government doesn’t like to pay much.

  2. […] Mr S, I start with the church de la sainte Trinité in Morsan on September 16, Sunday of the Heritage Days 2012. On the outside everything was different. The door was open and bicyles were lying under the huge […]

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