The spirit of All Hallows’ Evening. There used to be less noise and less light in the world. Why would the souls of the dead (and the like) have a metal soundtrack?

L'Historien Errant

So, I was thinking of doing a quick Halloween-related post, you know, maybe just post a picture that was sufficiently spooky and Gothic for the occasion… Well, as it turns out, the most Halloween-y picture I could think of is this:

It was painted in 1828 by Ernst Ferdinand Oehme (1797-1855) and, in my opinion, has everything a good Halloween picture needs. Admittedly, it’s far from the axe-wielding zombie-apocalypse kind of horror, but on the contrary quite subtle and suggestive – and therefore all the more intense. Oehme’s painting leaves us wondering what is actually going on: Are these just ‘normal’ monks doing a procession in bad weather? Is it a funeral procession? Or, perhaps, is this an otherworldly appearance as the dense fog somehow seems to suggest? Can the small bridge they seem to just have crossed be read as the border between this world and the netherworld? After…

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