Fiona Apple’s letter to her fans

No, I didn’t know her before I was reading her letter due to a blogpost of Doggy’s style. But I can understand her. I don’t want to miss a moment in the life of my two older dogs Phex and Rudi either and I’ve been with most of my dogs when they died. I take Rudi with me most of the time and sometimes I take Phex instead. I got to carry the other one out of the car. They want to be with me every second of my life as well. I was even with some of the sheep, holding their heads and patting their forehead lightly, because that way they feel as if they were lambs. Mother is there, all is fine. I once had a kitten with FIP and she died suddenly while I was at the groceries. I was sad that I couldn’t say goodbye to her. She wasn’t alone though. My ex was with her at least. Dying alone doesn’t sound funny anyways.

Fiona Apple Pens Heartfelt Letter to Fans Announcing Cancellation of Tour Due to Ailing Dog :: Music :: News :: Paste.


7 thoughts on “Fiona Apple’s letter to her fans

  1. I didn’t know about this either, but I have to applaud her. When my last dog was suffering from diabetes complications all I wanted was to be with her constantly and she with me. I hated having to leave her at times. I think it matters to our animals that we are with them at the end comforting them. And how we miss them when they leave us.

    • I’m really a bit worried about Rudi, he seems to get old before his time. Maybe because he nearly died of starving when he was a puppy (before I got him). He feels cold all the time and doesn’t want to get out anymore.

      • This sounds like another dog of mine, a Labrador mix. He turned out to have a little bit of low thyroid, but had improved energy on medicine. For another Lab who slowed down early in life, I tried a little Norwegian Kelp and it increased her tolerance to cold and fatigue. I don’t know how you think about that, and I wouldn’t know how much for a little fellow like Rudi to take. Maybe your veterinarian would be against it too, but maybe it would help.

      • Hum, the main problem is his rectum, and no worries, I won’t explain it in detail. He’s lucky that I got a job training as nurse. Only a very expensive operation might help. MIGHT help. And our vet has never done that operation before. I got no money either and therefore we continue the palliative medicine.

      • Oh! I understand what you mean. Often these operations are too dangerous, even if your can afford to have one done. The Lab I wrote about developed a liver hematoma. There was no guarantee she would have survived a risky, expensive surgery. I couldn’t pay for it anyway, and the veterinarian advised against it too. Rudi is lucky to have you caring for him and giving him a good life. I don’t think dogs are sentimental the way we are. They accept!

      • Oh btw, this evening he tried to have sex with the Bernese Mountain dog. That means he feels quite good this evening. Rudi is not sentimental, that’s true. And maybe I just worry too much.

      • So funny!!! He’s not going to let an obstacle like short legs get in the way of romance!!! ❤

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