The driver was black and white

We’re busy. On Thursday visitors will come and the castle has to shine, not to mention the loads of dead leaves that don’t seem to become less. Today I’ve been buying sheepfood and took my three canine companions with me. I stopped in the village to buy some eggs and when I came back to the car…

And then he started the car and I had to jump to the side or he would have driven over me. All I could say to the police was: “The driver was black and white.” Own photo, licence: CC by-SA/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

I didn’t make that up btw. Every time I come back to the car Bach is sitting behind the steering wheel. I should try to climb in the back instead of chasing him on the rear bench seat. He could be my chauffeur.


17 thoughts on “The driver was black and white

  1. Ha ha ha – they have such a dreadful sense of direction too!

  2. Lol. Great post and picture:) My Alex does the same thing. Why? Who knows. Yes, it’d be nice if they could drive us around:)

  3. He probably is a better driver than me.

  4. Hehehe I love sitting behind the wheel too:-)

  5. Ma hopes I don’t learn this trick as all the dogs before have. Madam Lasagna tried to hit the brakes a couple of times on the expressway!!! Bach looks like he’d make a good driver. Little Rudi would need pedals like me 😀

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