My coach Rudi

Rudi wants me to start jogging. Yes, I know I weigh too much. He gave a good example and ran after a wild rabbit. I held three leashes with very big studded working gloves. Rudi’s leash slipped out of the thick leather fingers and off he ran. We were on top of the hill and I could watch him for a long time. I was screaming. He ran. A herd of deer was camping on the other side of the hill when they heard and saw a miniwolf running barking towards them. They ran. Rudi likes a challenge and rather followed them than the small game. The deer went out of sight. Rudi went out of sight. I asked two men who live on that hill if they’ve seen a small dog. No, they hadn’t. I went home, worried. I already told you that German women always worry.

Bach, Phex and me took the road back and at the last house before the valley a car stopped and two young men told us, that they had seen “my dog” running to the “big house”. It’s good the castle couldn’t hear that someone called it a mere “house” but I was very happy. We’ve been jogging the rest of the way, me in safety shoes, Phex biting in his leash and Bach frequently starting to dance. And Rudi was already teaching the rabbits at the castle how to behave. When he saw us he was happily joining us and we celebrated our reunion. Remind me not to use those big gloves on a walk again.


Why were you worried Frauchen (little woman)? I will always find home. Own photo on Flickr, licence: CC by-SA/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

It had one good effect. When we started to walk I heard the cold. The wind sounds different on the frozen ground. The sound is white somehow. But because of all the screaming and running I completely forgot about the cold. Now there’s a fire in the wood stove, the sounds of the fire, cracking and sizzling are warm.


5 thoughts on “My coach Rudi

  1. Scary, I know that feeling when you’re dog just won’t come back, my little menace is called Bess and she would like me to be a marathon runner too! I’m happy Rudi came home and all was well 🙂

  2. Very interesting. My dog is also my life coach and she teaches me so much about enjoying life to the full.

  3. So Rudy is trying to teach you jogging?! There will be little left of you if you try to match his pace 😀 Hate it when they do that dash. You are lucky there are no busy roads nearby.

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