Phex’ song

Deutsche Version: hier.
I’ve threatened everybody before to show them the impressive chant of Phex. Now’s the time. Prepare yourself for an experience you might never forget.

Did you like my song? I was singing just for you. Own photo on Flickr, licence: CC by-SA/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

And if you don’t behave, I’ll sing again. Own photo on Flickr, licence: CC by-SA/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


13 thoughts on “Phex’ song

  1. […] This post is in two languages, Dog and German, you can find the Dog and English version: here. […]

  2. That is a lovely song!

    • Thank you. But Phex usually sings it if he is unhappy about the way I brush or cuddle him. I guess the “words” mean. “Don’t scratch me behind my ears, I want a belly rub, No, now it’s too late for belly rub, scratch me behind my ears.” 😉

  3. He has a beautiful voice:-)

  4. It’s a great voice but it does sound like he is lamenting something in his life!

    • Yes, he wasn’t happy with the way I was brushing him. ” You’re doing it all wrohohoooong Frauchen.” He started to sing. I took the camera. He stopped to sing. So I started to sing, like he does. He started to sing again: “dooooo not sit there and siiiiiing, instead doooo your grooooooming duty.” I’ve cut the part in which I was singing. Afterwards I continued to brush him and he was happy again. ^^

    • I had to think about your comment again. Phex was always singing, since we got him from dogprison, where he was kept for 1 and a half years. His first owners have brought him there. So yes, he could be lamenting humankind in general. Later my ex became Phex owner and went with him on walks and then my ex left. Second human who left him. It appeared to me that Phex was sad about it. But he’s over it now. He’s had a nightmare some days ago. And this morning Rudi had a nightmare. It’s because I have nightmares, because we’ll be moving and I’m scared and sad. They notice it. But that’s not the reason why Phex is singing. He was singing like this since I know him.

      • Ah, dear Phex – hard to be left behind twice. However, don’t think he’d trade you in for anything. Do hope you manage to arrange something good for your move – animals really pick up on your worries. Let them comfort you, they’re jolly good at that.

  5. Phex has a voice like a angel, well if a angel was a dog! XD So cute! 🙂

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