Last minute, serious looking offer

Deutsche Notiz: hier.
Last minute serious looking offer. I already called the sheep merchant and cancelled the sale. I want to dance on the table please. Will stay for a while. But maybe I’ll be an idiot tomorrow.

What am I going to do with the melodramatic sheep video I made this evening?


6 thoughts on “Last minute, serious looking offer

  1. […] can find the English head-up : here. In der letzten Minute ein seriös klingendes Angebot. Schafverkauf abgesagt. Froh auf dem Tisch […]

  2. Are you still moving?

    • Not atm. I needed the money for the sheep to be able to move. Will try to get my car imported fast now, so I can flee cheaper next time. And will look for another job. I only got a promise as for now and knowing those people, it’s likely they will forget what they promised. I have to remind them.
      Thing is, I was not looking forward to live in my nightmarehouse. Not even looking forward to living in Germany. I do not necessarily want to live in France. But I do not want to live in Germany. The UK would be nice. I’d even move to the US. Classical countries Germans want to move to are Canada, New Zealand, Australia, less classical are Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden. I speak some words Swedish and Norvegian. I’d like Austria or Swiss, but not Germany. I got Germanyphobia. Really.

  3. I hope you never need this sad video. Sometimes good things will happen when you never expected it. I will cross my paws for you!

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