On each next day

Hiervon gibts keine deutsche Version.

Blame Harold R. for my sudden attack of lyricism. Own photo on Flickr, licence: CC by-SA/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

On each next day
their thoughts became equal.
green oscilloscope
Wouldn’t a time machine be perfect,
if it was boiling water and mowing the lawn at the same time?

Wisdom of the tiny electrician in us all.


2 thoughts on “On each next day

  1. I agree with your conclusion. Lovely photograph. Imagine the days when that field would have been cut by hand!

    • I’ve been sharpening the scythe some days ago. To test if it was faster to cut long grass with it. Compared to the motorscythe. I still can cut grass with a scythe. But it’s not faster. And I’m not very good at sharpening. I gave up fast.

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