Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google

I do reblog this. Thing is I’ve seen other blogs using non-free images quite a lot. And this can be dangerous. Some websites even hope you steal their pictures. I’ve read a case in which the photo of a plate of food of some kind did cost the blogger 180€. Every picture in the internet has full copyright if nothing else is noted. It is NOT enough to steal a photo and then write down the name of the photographer. Full copyright means, that you can not use the photo at all. … Well there’s one exception called “fair use”. But that’s not in every country allowed. Just make your own and you’ll be safe, or use pictures that were posted before 1923 by an author who’s dead over 70 years. Copyright is so complicated… some of these laws have funny names like URAA, which is probably the scream of a person who tries not to violate the copyright.

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This past weekend some friends and I were discussing how some people use images from Pinterest, Facebook and Google Images.  I shared a copyright infringement story with them, and told how shocked I have been recently to find so many of my images ‘shared’ on Pinterest.  But I should be honored, right? Flattered that an award-winning photograph had been ‘pinned’ without my permission and uploaded, and basically been given to the world wide web to be used however they’d like!  I think that that person who pinned the above image agreed before adding the image that they owned or had permission to share it.

This past week WordPress put their spotlight on reblogging and also on Using Other People’s Images.   Both posts received a lot of interesting feedback, including a link to  DON’T STEAL MY STUFF, DUDE  – Laura at ‘Lolabees’ states her clear case and…

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3 thoughts on “Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google

  1. Wow. thank you for sharing that information! sometimes people truly don’t know or understand that right-clicking and sharing with others is not funny to the creator of the image. some don’t have a sense of humor at all, as you’ve pointed out regarding the plate of food photo.
    i enjoyed your final remark!

    • There are some sources for free media. But people don’t search them, because most people think everything in the internet is free. The opposite is the case. I’m very lazy btw. If I find a photo I made with the mentioning of my name I would not sue the person that stole it, but rather feel flattered. But I’m not a professional photographer. I can understand that people who’d like to make money with their work or artwork see it differently and humour or not, might even be forced to do something against the theft of pictures. Lots use watermarks. I bet it’s terribly difficult to be a photographer nowadays. They probably only get money for marriages.

      • “They only get money for marriages.’ That made me laugh. Thanks! I spent time on a friend’s blog yesterday, and she had recently posted a lot of wedding images, where she makes her money!

        If someone used my images or any information that came from my writings and made money from them – yes, i would pursue through legal channels. For someone who was careless and did not know the formal rules, I would write them. Depending on where they used them would depend on how I felt.. Putting them on Pinterest or Facebook, if I am correct, gives those companies permission to do what they’d like with them. That’s not fair for someone to assume ownership for the benefit of sharing/passing those images to others.

        Thank you so much for your feedback!

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