Walking with the sheep

Deutsche Version: In einer Reihe dem Ende des Sommers entgegen.
We decided to end the “summer” and reenter the pasturage. To walk in the park in the morning and to walk on the pasturage in the evening. To sleep in the stable.

Bach says that’s really exciting.

I have seen galleries like this on Misaki’s Blog and wanted galleries as well.

8 thoughts on “Walking with the sheep

  1. […] version: Walking with the sheep. Mein Taxifahrer (der, dem ich mit dem Lieferwagen eine Delle in die Tür fuhr) bemerkte auch […]


  2. So i saw the dog wasn’t herding the sheep. Do they just come on their own? I don’t seem to know much about sheep.


    • They come on their own, because they are used to it. They know the place. And they follow me because they hope I got some treats.


  3. Sadly, it’s true, the end of the summer is near :o) But fall is good too – specially for Halloween :o)


  4. I long to visit you Constanze! The sheep look so beautiful.


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