The Dreaded Hunting Season/ Pfui Jagdsaison

Two in one. Zwei in eins. The hunting season in the département Eure starts on September 22 2013 and lasts until February 28 2014. Die Jagdsaison im Département Eure geht vom 22. September 2013 bis zum 28. Februar 2014. That means: no walk with the dogs on the fields during the weekends. Das bedeutet, keine Spaziergänge mit den Hunden durch die Felder am Wochenende.

The video has subtitles and comments in English. Das Video hat Untertitel in Deutsch aber Kommentare auf Englisch. Nichts ist perfekt.

In the last hunting season 57 people died in France. In der letzten Jagdsaison in Frankreich starben 57 Personen.

Further Reading/Weiterführende Links

Accidents de chasse en France saison 2012-2013 : 57 morts (French)

Carte de france des dates d’ouverture de la chasse 2013-2014. (French)

Ouverture et clôture de la chasse dans l’Eure (French)


16 thoughts on “The Dreaded Hunting Season/ Pfui Jagdsaison

  1. That’s a lot of deaths. I’ve no idea what the figures might be for Spain. We try to be very careful, it always seems so chaotic when they’re hunting the wild boar.

  2. Same here, like a war zone. They even sit in trees with their guns, what a horror. But the worst is the booze-up while hunting, we better stay at home, specially on sunday

    • Yes, they booze up. Once we’ve been on a Sunday on the fields around sunset. It was not dark yet, but getting dark and a car with hunters went by. One of them shot at us out of a window. He didn’t hurt us, was probably too drunk to aim even near us. But that event scared me, as you can imagine.

      • Oh that’s hoorrible. Shoot back! They are awful. Most of this muppets need a long gun, because it seems that a special part of them is tooooo short!

      • If they come nearer I actually do pretend to shoot back. Some years ago they’ve been shooting over the cottage I live in. The lead was crackling on the roof. So I got the gun of my bosses and went to the fence. While fiddling around with the rifle I said, if they go on, I’ll shoot over their heads. They stopped to shoot. One of them was a bit drunk already. We talked nicely and they left. Second time was last December. They climbed over the fence on the property of my neighbours. The near neighbours. I took the gun and went to my fence to make clear, I’d defend it. Afterwards I took a photo of myself with a time-delay. *searches photos*

      • Great! It reminds me of the musical Annie get your gun :o) But this guys are really like pests. Our neighbor has still the bullet hole in his house as they drove drunken through our village and used their guns…in the middle of a village…

      • Omg, did they get convicted?

      • Sadly not, they disappeared before we saw their numberplate :o(

  3. That is so scary. Be careful!

    • The dogs were in the house when I took the video (jumping up and down and complaining).
      Last Sunday I met people who were searching their dog. It has been running towards the dog of a hunter, then she was scared because of the shooting and ran away over the fields. Luckily she ran to a neighbour and was found safe and sound later on. I bet they won’t go on a walk on a Sunday again.

  4. That is scary. Killing people and animals, I don’t see the fun in it, thats for sure….

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