Suggested Reading: Get Married and Be Submissive

Just have to reblog this. I mean, come on, what do you think when I would suggest to you “Get Married and Be Submissive! ” Kinky? Sadly not.

Doggy's Style


I would like to take the liberty to recommend a book that I haven’t read nor have I laid hands on it.
The name the book on its original version (Italian) is “Sposati e sii sottomessa” (Get Married and Be Submissive).

I was having breakfast and the man next to me was reading the newspaper. Something caught my attention and I asked him if I could have that page, he agreed.
This is what caught my attention:

The Archbishop of Granada, Spain, famous for their modern ways and for declaration such as:

“The abortion law, puts public health servers in a situation similar to the one of the officers at the Nazi concentration camps. Abortion is a silent genocide.” 
Or when criticizing modern society:
“We should mirror our society in the precious Middle Ages, when the world lived under a christian military regime.”
Or when defending a pedophile priest…

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