Winter is coming

And even the sheep catch a cold.

Poor Brad had a cold and stayed 5 days in the barn. The vet visited us, a very nice young woman. She gave Brad 3 injections and he took it like a ram. Then I gave him every day an antibiotics injection. Brad felt better after one night and it was so boring in the stable. We played who eats the chess tokens first. Brad always won.

Poor Brad has caught a cold

After his release from the barn, he followed me everywhere. Even in the house. And other sheep followed him. Kleines for example likes to come in the house anyway.

We follow you everywhere

On the picture Kleines and Brad come OUT of my sleeping room. Needless to say, that my sleeping room doesn’t belong to me alone. The dogs and at least one cat sleep there too. That’s why Bach is a bit worried. “Will those sheep sleep here as well?” Don’t worry Bach.

I gave them some sweet chestnuts to bribe them.

Sweet chestnut

Sweet chestnuts are the best. (sheep proverb)

I’m the author of the photographs, they are available under a Creative Commons licence on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Delighted to hear dear Brad has mended well. They do know when you’ve done something good for them but allowing them to sleep in your room might be a tad generous 😀

    • Brad WAS sleeping in my room, when he was a tiny lamb. He just doesn’t want to accept the fact, that he is huge now.

  2. he took it like a Ram lol, glad he feels better :o) I had no clue that sheeps like the sweet chestnuts. This year they chestnuts are everywhere, the are tasty, but I dislike it to remove the small prickles from Easy’s paw :o)

  3. I am glad Brad recovered, but what a sheep he is! 😉 Lovely for sure.

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