Feeding season has begun

Winter has arrived in Normandy. We already had two nights with only 2 chilly °C (35.6 °F). The sheep are complaining about the lack of fruits.

-“Where have all the chestnuts gone? Long time passing.” -“Fat sheep ate them every one. When will they ever be full?”

And then they walk into the sunset.

Pinke Schafe

I filled the tube feeder for the birds with sunflower seeds and hung up fat balls. The weather is rather bad, grey and gloomy, sometimes even raining and thus I can’t take good photographs at the moment.

Feeding season has started

Poecile palustris or Poecile montana (marsh tit or willow tit) and Parus major (great tit).

At the bird restaurant on a dark day

Three Chloris chloris (greenfinch).

I bought 5 steres of wood and feed the wood stove. The house has no insulation and no other means of heating.

8 thoughts on “Feeding season has begun

  1. Try to keep warm dear friend.

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  2. Yes, where have all the chestnuts gone? I couldfind not only one on my street. We use a Poêle à bois too, it’s a donkey job to clean that thingy every morning :o(

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    • I only heat in the evenings. Yes, I know it’s insane, but I got to go out during the day and the fire would go out too. I haven’t found a good solution yet.


  3. Slippery start of the slope – feeding and heating. Hope you can keep up with both.

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    • It’s better than last year, when I had to cut all the wood with a chainsaw and I am scared of chainsaws. People like to tell me story about accidents that can happen with chainsaws. They like it when I’m scared, I guess.


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