Most of November was looking like this:

The Fog

or like this:

misty landscape

We had some minutes of sun in between two banks of grey clouds though. I liked this a lot:

Spider silk in the sun

Spider silk glistening in the sun. never seen that much spider silk before. Busy spiders. Saw this on a walk with the dogs up the hill in front of the property.

Rudi (terrier) got a new grey sweater for Christmas. He’s already wearing it and scares the sheep. Sheep are confused by and afraid of new colours. They don’t change their colour and expect everybody else to be like them.

The sheep wonder about Rudi's new sweater

6 thoughts on “Fog

  1. Theseep certainly don’t look relaxed but th do look very healthy. Hope the sun shines on you a little more.


  2. Your pictures look like they could have been taken anywhere in Ireland during the past month. It was a little oppressive.


    • Yes, I bet we were not the only ones to have grey, dark grey and light grey all the time. And I really shouldn’t complain, constant grey is oppressive but it’s still better than thunderstorm.

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  3. I noticed the spider silk here too, it’s a lot this year… but I couldn’t find a country lore or a hint what it means :o)


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