Our first claw treatment

Not everybody was happy about it, but one of the sheep was limping, so we knew it was time for a claw treatment.

I bought a bottle of „bleu“ and caught the sheep. They are still angry with me. Only Lamm isn’t angry, because she wasn’t treated. In the end everybody was blue at the hands and some at the feet as well.

Lamm got off the hook, because she’s young.

Own photos, one on Flickr, two made with my smartphone.

6 thoughts on “Our first claw treatment

  1. Can imagine the fun and games!

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  2. now you can say: allez les bleus ;O)

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    • xD I say that frequently! (Even though we boycott Qatar and don’t watch the WM on tv.) The husband said his blue looks green under the nails. This made me think of Karl May. Old Blueclaws and the greenhorn, sounds like a good story.

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