More from our sheep

Their main purpose in life is being cute.
Sheep portrait
Looking dignified is their hobby.
The sheep
Ruminating makes them look, as if they were talking together.
Sometimes they seem to be serious about grass and yellow flowers.
Sheep doing sheep things
Sometimes they are absolutely silly. Either running around in circles or having headbutting competitions or like this: flehmen response. I mean, they are all girls!
Oh your feet smell so good
Her feet seem to smell good.
The sheep owns the barn
They own the barn.
They love each others.
The neck gets longer
Ouessants have an extra long neck, that gets even longer if they eat out of our hands.
Sheep expedition
They go on expeditions, where no sheep has gone before.
Dozing in the sun
Relaxing in the sun. Eating grass all the time is exhausting.
And this sheep is our boss
Maybe they are the boss.
Attentive stare
They watch our every move.
Tasty twigs
And they are gourmets.

4 thoughts on “More from our sheep

  1. They all look like they have ended up in sheep heaven.

    Liked by 1 person

    • But when I open the gate to go out by car or come in with my car, they watch the open gate and consider running out. I once had to chase them back! The grass outside is always green, even if there is no grass outside.


  2. Clearly very happy and very cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The former owner was looking at the pasture, and then he said we won’t need to give them extra food, except maybe to get the sheep to accept us. And that’s what we do.


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