I am back in Normandy with Disa (dog) and Miniputz (cat). The rest of the old crew. And we adopted a new human, my husband.


I was born 1966 in the hometown of Heinrich Steinweg, Wolfshagen im Harz. My grandparents were part of the family Bauerochse. Their branch of the family had the nickname “Voss”, fox, because of their red hair.

I studied German language and literature (especially history of German language), philosophy, Scandinavian language and literature (especially old Norse) and prehistory. But I was unable to achieve a degree, because I couldn’t get a required exam in Latin. I gave up and completed a job training as a nurse and afterwards as an electronics technician. I lived in Eure, France as a castle sitter from 2002 to 2015. From 2016 to the end of June 2022 I lived in Germany and worked as a nurse in dialysis.

At the moment, we live with 4 sheep, 2 hens, 1 cat and 2 dogs.

What do you mean, I shouldn't lie here?
Miniputz, born approximately in October 2007. I found her on a tree at the road in front of the castle. The next neighbour was a kilometre away. Someone must have dumped her there. I told her how to go down from the tree and she followed my advice.
Disa thinks I should not stand behind the fence
Disa, a Bernese Mountain dog girl born in April 2014 and adopted by us from the Refuge Augeron in Lisieux in March 2015.

Papy, a foxterrier mix, born approximately in December 2010 and adopted in December 2022 by us from the Refuge Augeron in Lisieux.

Meet the sheep
Meet the sheep
While my hens discuss the water bucket
Our Wyandotte bantam hens.

I like to write and take photos. I love foreign languages, even though I am not really gifted on learning languages. My main interests are nature, animals and history.


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13 thoughts on “About

  1. tell makke to mail me, its been 1 year now since i seen him. and U go log to blamina.:P


  2. Was a good idea to call us, I haven’t played tibia since 2 years (though I logged on a couple of times last year). I can’t stand mmorpgs anymore. We’ll move back to Germany this summer, that makes me sad and worried and I am not in the mood to hang around in the internet much.


  3. HIIIII! Found you!

    I sent you an email to the adress you had once given me (on your ISP), but reading the news it’s possible it might not be valid anymore 😦
    Just reading this blog (even though I don’t understand most of it, hehehe) does reassure me a lot though 🙂

    With a lot of love

    Vincent (sheepie)


  4. 😀 huhu Coco, you are a part of a German story of mine btw:
    Guter und lieber Herr Lothar, ich hoffe Ihr ergötzt Euch an den Schilderungen unserer Abenteuer, da wir zu häufig unseren Standort wechseln, ist es vielleicht eine gute Idee wenn Ihr etwaige Briefe mit Neuigkeiten von Euch an unseren Vetter Herrn Vincent in Paris sendet.
    I got your email and am answering it now. 😀


  5. Hello blam, i am so glad for met you. I love your posts, is a best way to get a little of life in this internet life style. I really aprecciate your job and thinks. I hope for talk with you for many years and meet my gift (Dujar is sheep’s name) Sorry for anything and thanks for everything.


  6. Please fix the typo in the first word .. or is your name “two” (in roman numerals) .. “II” .. “aye-aye” .. maybe you’re a sailor .. but bringing women aboard ship is bad luck .. it’s gotta be a typo! 😛


  7. Hey there!
    Just posting to say I hope everything is good with you and to tell you that few people have been asking for you lately.
    Take care and hope to see you around soon. 🙂


  8. Yes I hope it will be better soon. Chefs haven’t even been here yet. And I need them to show up. They say now they come next weekend, not this one. Me and the shepherd did the shearing yesterday and two days ago, that’s something. In general I think I could feel worse, but not much worse. I think it might take one more month… Thanks for asking. 🙂 Give my regards to the tribe please.


  9. Aww, I understand… I will pass the message along to the tribe and some other that have been asking…
    We’re all hoping to see you whenever you have the time/energy to pop up.

    Take care!


  10. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award.



    • Oh nooooo, sorry. I really appreciate, that you nominated me, but I don’t have enough time for awards. 😥 I sometimes don’t even find the time to log in. Atm I’m preparing the property and castle for the return of my employers and therefore I shouldn’t even be at the computer now.


  11. Bonjour – Thanks for stopping by and liking the Beagle Project!


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