Articles and photogalleries of the animals that live or lived with me in Normandy.

  1. my cat Schlafmütz This elegant, fat cat was born in 2003.
  2. sheep Daffne My first sheepdaughter was born in 2006.
  3. Friedrich, dog and rebel Live fast, die young.
  4. ram Hercule He was my first sheepson.
  5. foundling Miniputz was sitting on a tree in front of the main gate in January 2008.
  6. Tristan, German Shorthaired Pointer, a sofa for kittens.
  7. Phex, Belgian Lassie, everybody likes him.
  8. Bach, impetuous Bernese sunshine, sits on people as a sign of love.
  9. Glen Rudi of Imaal, a fearless warrior.
  10. Brad, the hypnolamb.




Unfortunately I only have one small photo left of Beau. That’s why he only gets a part of this page and not his own page.

Beau lived here when we came here, he was a very sad old Bernese mountaindog. I entertained him a lot, he played with Phex and taught Rudi some strange things. -cough-

He became a happy dog, that made jokes on me while going for a walk. He loved to bite in car tires and to walk around with my hand in his mouth.
He played outside with his toys till his last day.

He got cancer in the end and had to be put asleep. He was around ten years old when he died in autumn 2004. We dug a grave in the park and Markus made him a tombstone.




Tsa was born in Bernay. She had Feline Infectious Peritonitis, just like the rest of her cat family. We didn’t know that when we chose her. She was the cutest cat I’ve ever seen and had smooth grey fur.

One day her eyes were swollen, I went to the vet. The vet tested on FIP and the test was positive. The vets in France are all very optimistic, so we tried a treatment. She didn’t like the pills, she didn’t like the injections, but worst was, it did not help. She weakened, but she didn’t seem to suffer.

She was always happy and caught her first mouse at the age of 8 weeks. She died after 3 months, while I was shopping. Markus said she meowed once and died. She died in summer 2003.

4 thoughts on “Animals

  1. Bonjour Constanze,
    What a wonderful window into your live in Normandy… makes me wish I could speak German. looking forward to more…

    • Thank you Marie. Sadly my English is somewhat limited. My ex-fiançé used to tell me how bad my English is and thus some day I stopped to write in English.

  2. Clearly, he knew nothing!
    Your English is terrific as are you…

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