Merry Christmas from Schlafmütz!

Merry Christmas 2014! If the cap fits, wear it. If not, lie next to it.

Merry Christmas!

I thought she might wear the cap, but she refused to. Maybe I should put her little cute butt in the cap instead. If it was a cardboard box, she’d “wear” it.

Thank you Easy for reminding me of Schlafmütz’ present.

Schlafmütz brought me a wren yesterday. I've let him fly afterwards, he was unharmed. She said a wren in the hand is better than a dead mouse under the bed. Good point.

Schlafmütz brought me a wren yesterday. I’ve let him fly afterwards, he was unharmed. She said a wren in the hand is better than a dead mouse under the bed. Good point.


Most of November was looking like this:

The Fog

or like this:

misty landscape

We had some minutes of sun in between two banks of grey clouds though. I liked this a lot:

Spider silk in the sun

Spider silk glistening in the sun. never seen that much spider silk before. Busy spiders. Saw this on a walk with the dogs up the hill in front of the property.

Rudi (terrier) got a new grey sweater for Christmas. He’s already wearing it and scares the sheep. Sheep are confused by and afraid of new colours. They don’t change their colour and expect everybody else to be like them.

The sheep wonder about Rudi's new sweater

Feeding season has begun

Winter has arrived in Normandy. We already had two nights with only 2 chilly °C (35.6 °F). The sheep are complaining about the lack of fruits.

-“Where have all the chestnuts gone? Long time passing.” -“Fat sheep ate them every one. When will they ever be full?”

And then they walk into the sunset.

Pinke Schafe

I filled the tube feeder for the birds with sunflower seeds and hung up fat balls. The weather is rather bad, grey and gloomy, sometimes even raining and thus I can’t take good photographs at the moment.

Feeding season has started

Poecile palustris or Poecile montana (marsh tit or willow tit) and Parus major (great tit).

At the bird restaurant on a dark day

Three Chloris chloris (greenfinch).

I bought 5 steres of wood and feed the wood stove. The house has no insulation and no other means of heating.

Careful, Bach

This sheep warns Bach, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Sheep stomp their feet to tell the rest of the world to leave them alone. If a sheep looks at you and stomps its feet, it will jump with its head into your belly.

Bach knows the sheep well and he didn’t come near this one.

Sheep in the shadows

These sheep pretend to be harmless. They look as if they couldn’t hurt a fly.

Photographs are my own, stored on Flickr.

Housing problems

Today a cheeky garden snail moved into the house and more specific.. in the famous sleeping room and there into the sheep feeding bowl. “Here I’ll stay during winter.” The sheep were very irritated and refused to eat “escargot”. Therefore I got an eviction notice for the snail and put it outside on the wall.

Cheeky garden snail

Cute, isn’t it.

and it has cute little eyes

and it has cute little eyes

Since one of those snails died this year, because it tried to make a home right behind the entrance door. I brought this snail further away after I took the photograph.

I’m the author of the photographs.

Winter is coming

And even the sheep catch a cold.

Poor Brad had a cold and stayed 5 days in the barn. The vet visited us, a very nice young woman. She gave Brad 3 injections and he took it like a ram. Then I gave him every day an antibiotics injection. Brad felt better after one night and it was so boring in the stable. We played who eats the chess tokens first. Brad always won.

Poor Brad has caught a cold

After his release from the barn, he followed me everywhere. Even in the house. And other sheep followed him. Kleines for example likes to come in the house anyway.

We follow you everywhere

On the picture Kleines and Brad come OUT of my sleeping room. Needless to say, that my sleeping room doesn’t belong to me alone. The dogs and at least one cat sleep there too. That’s why Bach is a bit worried. “Will those sheep sleep here as well?” Don’t worry Bach.

I gave them some sweet chestnuts to bribe them.

Sweet chestnut

Sweet chestnuts are the best. (sheep proverb)

I’m the author of the photographs, they are available under a Creative Commons licence on Flickr.

What’s wrong with her?

Nein, hierzu kann es keine deutsche Übersetzung geben, denn es handelt sich um Humor.
“What’s wrong with her?” is the question my dogs ask each others since some days. It started last week on Wednesday. When I came back from a short trip to town completely changed. Walking like a somnambulist, either singing, or laughing or sighing. Mumbling senselessly in my not existing beard. It could be a feverish cold?

Yesterday Phex started to sing in protest to my listening to the same CD over and over again. He threatened me to eat it. “Take a walk with us right now, or I’ll continue to sing.” And you know Phex’ singing.

I asked some of my friends about it. Will I have to be euthanised for this illness? First they said “yes”. But then I remembered, a friend of mine has the same symptoms, listens to the same cd, causing frustration for his wife. Nono, we’re not in love or at least not the usual kind of love. We’re fans of an opera singer. How the heck could that happen to me. I’m 47 years old and I behave like a teenager.

Until I’m cured.. and to be honest, I don’t feel as if I wanted to be cured.. I might spam poems and the like for obvious reasons.