Brad spreads the word

Brad brought the other 12 sheep today to the safe haven of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot. They will live there forever and teach the dogs the philosophy of Brad. Books are for eating! Mäh! You can help to spread Brad’s word by donating for the Fondation. Donating money of course, though Brad says you can donate dry sheepfood, hay and carrots too. He’s not picky.

La Mare Auzou Fondation Brigitte Bardot (French website)

Brad, the sheep guru, teaching me how to feed sheep properly.

Brad, the sheep guru, teaching me how to feed sheep properly.

All things end and so does our stay in Normandy

I’d like to say thank you to everybody that has been following my blog, reading and commenting my posts. I’m closing this blog more or less, since there is no point in writing about Normandy, when I’m not in Normandy. I will by all means continue to use my Flickr-account. It’s most likely that I won’t have internet or telephone for a certain amount of days.

I’m still waiting for the man from the Fondation Brigitte Bardot. They said they would take the sheep.

Backlit sheep

Phex died in October 2014. He was over 14 years old. He was very handsome and looked like Lassie. He got dementia in the end and couldn’t sleep anymore because of hallucinations. We tried Cortisone, but he got stomach bleeding from the Cortisone so we thought it might be time to say goodbye. He was on the sofa, surrounded by his family and the vet has put him to sleep. Couldn’t tell it in public, because I knew we wouldn’t stay forever, and my employers insisted on my having two big guard dogs the whole time. While they didn’t want to pay for any vet costs, or treatment against parasites. And because I couldn’t write in public about my situation anymore, I stopped to write here entirely.

Phex in August 2014

But in March I got a female Bernese by name of Disa. We bought her from an animal shelter and she’s „fofolle“. That translates to „insane“ and it means she’s scared of everything, especially of cars and people and once she decides, that a human is not a threat, she jumps on them and puts her arms around their neck. I’m always dirty and the car has scratches everywhere. But we love her nevertheless. And there’s always hope that one day she’ll behave. She’s already a bit better… somehow… Disa comes with us to Germany.

Disa runs

Bach died in April 2015. He had a very agressive cancer. He had two small surgeries and a treatment with Cortisone. It didn’t help. So we thought it’s time to say goodbye. He was the nicest dog I ever met and he was beautiful. I will remember him and all the other dog I had here until I myself get dementia or die. I’ve had his corpse incinerated and the ashes are already on their way to Germany.

Bach runs not to me
Bach in January 2015

Rudi died at the end of September 2015, right after I got my dismissal more or less without notice. His state was getting worse and worse and he couldn’t bear any pain anymore. He couldn’t shit since 2012 and I had to empty him with my fingers every second day. I didn’t want to let him go, he had been my best friend nearly his whole life. I got him when he was approximately 2 months old. Somebody had thrown the emaciated puppy out of a car window. He didn’t want to leave me either. It had to be done. I’ve had his corpse incinerated and the ashes are already on their way to Germany.

Rudi in July 2015

The three cats Schlafmütz, Miniputz and Farbexplosion are alright and go with us to Germany.



Miniputz at the rotten window of the cat’s bedroom outside on the rotten roof over the bathroom.

My grandmother used to say I’m “built at the water” when I was a child and crying about something. Sometimes I cry easily, for example when I watch beautiful paintings or photos. Beauty makes me cry. It’s a relaxing kind of weeping though, and nothing to worry about.

Tibia: Becoming a dwarf of Beregar

The Tibia quest “The hidden city of Beregar” has no level requirement and the spoiler assured me, that it is possible to do that quest as a “careful level 40 mage”. That is complete bullshit. To find the hidden city for the first time I asked Hase for help. She was raised by dwarves and kind of lives in Beregar. She brought me safe in the city.

Queen Hase of Beregar.

Hase helped me on the first missions.

I had to inform myself about tunneling.

It took me some time to even SEE the tunnel with the coal piles.

I had to solve riddles in the waggon maze.

Part of that quest is the Royal Rescue Quest in which I have to rescue the son of the dwarven king. Here I find the key to his cell.

Behind the fire room of the Royal Rescue quest I noticed that tibiawiki was wrong. It is not possible to make it as a careful level 40 mage. I was level 85 and nearly out of mana potions. Summoning demon skeletons didn’t help at all. I continued and went to the cell, freed the son of the emperor. But now I had no potions at all. I had brown mushrooms, ate them and waited for mana. Then i ran back to the point behind the fire room. I waited for mana again. That room would kill me.

In the meantime I talked in guildchannel and explained my problem to the others. They asked Ilumo a level 170 elite knight, if he could rescue me. He came to the rescue and went yellow in that fire room. he brought me mana potions and we got out. If I would have died there I would have had to fish for three days while casting like crazy. I received dwarven legs as reward. Ilumo told me, that he was in the same situation at around my level, when he thought as well, that a level 40 can do this quest. Lesson learned: add 40 levels to what tibiawiki says.

tibia beregar reward royal rescue quest

Those pants are nice, my noobknight is wearing them now.