Norman legends

Some weeks ago I bought a reprint of a book of 1929 by Louis Bascan:
Les Légendes Normandes, a collection of Norman legends of older sources, published “les Editions du Bastion”, 1999, ISBN=2745500503 (French)

Since some of the legends describe places in Normandy I made some rather rough translations, not always near the text, because I find it boring to describe why a girl is beautiful…

The illustrations in the book were made by Georges Lefèvres (1862-1929). He was also a teacher and a writer.

Tintenfass von Georges Lefèvres, public domain weil der Autor vor über 70 Jahren starb

Inkwell, by Georges Lefèvres, public domain because the author died over 70 years ago

  1. Who was Louis Bascan?A man that died for his beliefs.
  2. the gorge of King Arthur The origin of the cataracts of Mortain.
  3. the foundation of the kingdom of Yvetot Yvetot had a special status.
  4. the mademoiselle of Fontenailles The origin of a rock near Longues-sur-Mer.
  5. Saint Michael and Satan The origin of Mont Saint-Michel.
  6. the gorge of the devil Yvain light near Soumont-Saint-Quentin.
  7. the fantastic bridge, may the devil finish it if he can.
  8. The mistress of Molay, has to defend her castle.
  9. the bells of Corneville are glad to be French.

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