The sad truth about Kopi Luwak coffee

I have heard of this, but I didn’t know it was allowed to keep civet cats in cages (before I saw a blog post about it at Rumpydog). I don’t drink coffee at all and would be too cheap to buy that expensive coffee anyways. Makes you wonder who would want to drink it, if they’d knew what it’s about. This article from Clowie’s Corner says it much better, than I ever could.

Clowie's Corner

Double standards

I’m a dog and I find poop fascinating. On a walk, one quick sniff at a pile of poo and I know what type of animal walked this way and how long ago. I know some dogs are so enthusiastic about poop that they like to eat it. I don’t. A nibble at the edge of a particularly appealing cowpat doesn’t count as eating it. And what dog could resist a quick taste test, when happening upon a heap of horse dung that is still steaming?

If they see me nibbling at some poo, my bipeds always say, “Clowie, leave it!” I thought they were a bit strange to dislike poo, until I saw the reaction of other humans when their dogs are tasting poop. I decided that all humans are afflicted with a phobia of poop, their responses range from mild fear to panic when they see…

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