Weird scenes in sight of canines

Hiervon gibts keine deutsche Version.
No, I don’t like The Doors much. But today I really saw some weird scenes. So I thought I make a post with short videos.

Berta was lying around. Bach went to her. She wiggled her little tail and he performed some air humping. Just like he usually does with the orange cat. That was weird. But even weirder was, that Berta didn’t mind. Maybe she felt too hot. Okay, that sounds wrong somehow.

I worried about Berta and thought she might be sick. I went to her and she didn’t get up. She was ruminating. I rubbed her back. She seemed to like it. That got me worried. I took a bowl with dried sheepfood from the house and showed it to her. She became very agile, got up immediately, ran to me and stuck her muzzle greedily into the bowl. Everything was okay with her.

Meanwhile Brad rubbed his head on my leg and wasn’t jealous at all. He’s such a well-behaved ram.

The wind causes waves on the flax field in front of the property.

Phex and Bach in the high grass on the pasturage. “High” and “grass” in one sentence seems to deal usually with cannabis. Now I added “deal” and “cannabis”. Will the police pay me a visit tomorrow? Is high grass illegal? Anyways.. The dogs have fun, even without the other kind of grass, but they don’t sproing. Phex is too old for sproinging.