Dancing putti in a southern landscape

Dancing putti in a southern landscape is a painting by Frans Wouters, a Flemish painter, who lived from 1612 to 1659. When I saw a photo of this painting on Flickr today I knew immediately what it means.

I guess the artist was in homeoffice and had to take care of the children. The nursery school was closed because of the COVID, err.. I mean the pest. He took advantage of the situation and painted his children and the children of the neighbours (who were also at his house since the nursery school was closed and everybody else was at work) while the children were playing in the house. The artist only added the landscape because he dreamed of being outside and free. There’s of course no goat in the house, it’s the dog and the dog smells bad, therefore a goat.

I have to mention that I’m German and we Germans don’t have any humour we know of.

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