sheep-video on the meadow and diapers for the lambs

I made a new video with some scenes of mid-February. The first scene with Daffne and her “dirty” lamb was made in the begin of February.

Actors are Daffne and her lamb, Shaun and Berta, the dogs, the cat Miniputz and other lambs and sheep.

Shaun und Berta, als sie noch in Windeln passten, vor dem immer noch sehr beliebten Petroleumheizer.

Berta and Shaun sleeping in front of the kerosene heater in the cottage, wearing diapers, photo by makkE, all rights reserved

Shaun and Berta are still in the cottage on the evenings and during the nights. I’ll try to make them sleep outisde soon, it’s getting warmer.

The diapers are normal baby-diapers (for bigger babies). I have cut a hole for the tails. It’s a bit complicated with male lambs, because their “lappet” is high on their belly.

Books, magazines and everything valuable made of paper has to be safely put away, because books are for eating. It’s also a good idea to hide the power supply lines behind things or cover them with something.

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